Serving Private Equity

In the present highly competitive mergers and acquisitions environment, we can provide an additional outreach for private equity and corporate buyers. We can represent the seller to facilitate the process for you in cases where the seller is not already represented.  We can add value for both parties by educating the seller about the process and its usual & customary terms, and helping the seller put together and run a team of advisors which may include a transaction attorney, an accounting firm to support due diligence and tax planning, a human resources attorney, a business appraiser and others. We expedite the seller’s deliverables and work to understand the seller’s position in depth to enable us to help solve problems and find a common ground that keeps the transaction moving forward. Our seller representation can be the difference between a “busted deal” and a successful closing.  Please consider engaging us when you find a seller who needs some guidance and leadership to get through the transaction.